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Funding Options

Growth SMEs do not have the same access to finance as large corporates. Financing products are off the shelf, and not structured to the cash needs of the SME. 

As a result, SMEs often raise finance in ways that are not efficient for their growth prospects, cash flows, revenue generation, asset base, and capital structure. Our view is that revenue and expansion need to be funded separately, with short term and long term financing options.


What we do: 

  • Understand what your funding needs are, and when these funds are required

  • Understand and analyse your debt service capability, including unde stressed and higher growth scenarios

  • Review your contracts, client base, and transactional data

  • Review your asset base, and ability to provide collateral or other forms of support

  • We lever our experience in the large corporate space and our network across banking, private equity, VC, fintechs, and other non-traditional funders to get you a wider range of options of finance

"I was working with a Swiss-based technology company as it was scaling and looking for additional funding. Partnering with Divya allowed us to show the company a range of options beyond the options of a traditional bank loan or venture funding. She worked with the company to understand its various short and long term assets and contracts, and we were able to present a range of alternative funding options."

Naim Taleb-Dumortier, Director at Nyson Ltd

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