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Our Services

Helping Companies Develop and Maintain a Balanced Culture

We help you manage your risk culture and growth culture together, to build a sustainable and growing business.

Support for Investments and Mergers and Acquisitions

Pre-acquisition deep due diligence – we assist you on your due diligence, with a focus on governance, key risks, risk culture, risk management frameworks, and team.  
Post acquisition deep due diligence – we help identify where to focus change management efforts, with initial focus on quick wins followed by more long term changes.

Interim Roles

Where there is a knowledge gap in the existing management team, we can step in and provide interim support, including helping you build the right team on a permanent basis.

Board NED or advisory roles

We will use our diversity of experience to advise your company and management team on how best to manage safe and sustainable growth.  We are able to communicate effectively with different types of shareholders, including private equity shareholders, while preserving the independence required as a board member.

Services: Services
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