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Who We Are

We are a risk consultancy providing executive and operating consulting services in the risk and governance space.  We specialise in understanding the commercial imperative, and making sure that is forefront to all our work.

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Risk Strategy Consulting is founded and led by Divya Eapen, a senior risk executive and board member.  Divya  has a strong network of risk professionals and consultants who she regularly works with.


Divya Eapen

Risk Management Consultant

Divya is an analytical and entrepreneurial leader who engages with stakeholders to build and improve risk culture while maintaining a growth mindset.  She embraces technology and data to enable real-time risk decision-making and identify potential growth opportunities.  Divya has a strong sense of fairness, and is dedicated to improving diversity and inclusion. 

She possesses key qualities for crisis management, transformation, and rapid growth, being extremely calm, positive, and resilient.  She shifts from detailed transactional or financial analysis to high-level strategy discussions with ease.  Her unique experience of being in steady state, high growth and declining companies, has allowed for enhanced learning in a shorter time span. 

Divya has held executive subsidiary Board Member roles through the lifecycle of a company (set-up, rapid growth, and administration).  She has been an active member of Board Risk Committees, where her views were particularly sought after by shareholders and Non-Executive Directors.

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